Found my old Tekna light today!


Aug 7, 2005
Actually I had two of them, given as gifts in the late eighties. One was black, the other yellow. EDCed them for years, finally mixing and matching the body and bezel of both to keep a working light. Batteries were expensive back then, could't even remember the type, though I thought it was CR123. Eventually battery cost led me to EDC another light that ran on AAs, the Browning Lightning Bug. I put the Tekna away.

Today while cleaning, an old cookie tin fell and lid popped off. Nope, it wasn't cookies inside. I'm fond of storing things like old flashlights in there. I stared at the black bezel and yellow body of a Tekna Mono Lith. So that's the models they were.

Unscrewed the bezel and smell of a lithium battery was apparent. Took out the Radio Shack DL123 inside. No leakage! This is an old battery that was depleted more than fifteen years ago, IIRC. :naughty:

Dropped in a fresh Battery Station and the light awakened. It's more of an orange/brown/yellow incan than my memories color it, for certain. No doubt a dirty lens and reflector. Maybe some buildup on contacts as well. Will need to figure out the best way to clean it up.

The beam has many artifacts. How far my other lights have come compared to this one. Still, I love this almagamation of two long ago EDCs. It's good to have it back! An old gift that keeps on giving.