Sold/Expired FS: McGizmo AlTiN Mule-Mizer (SOLD)

Carpe Diem

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Nov 9, 2001
Hi Guys...

I have for sale a truly beautiful McGizmo AlTiN Mule-Mizer that I`ve maybe carried in a separate pouch about ten times, but other that this gem has resided in my gun safe.

Il`ll post some pictures of the light later this evening, but be rest assured it is in excellent shape and great condition. I can`t see any marks or flaws on it, so I`d rate it at 99%+ mint.

I bought this light directly from Don. There is a white trit in the piston. The light and pocket clip have the deep-luster AlTiN coating...while the piston itself is natural titanium. The color contrast that this combination creates is very nice.

The price: $650.00 (SOLD)

I`ll cover shipping CONUS via insured USPS Priority Mail, with delivery confirmation. Per usual, all risks of shipping are with the buyer.

International buyers are welcome, provided that you cover any shipping and/or insurance costs in excess of $10.00. And again, all risks of shipping and delivery are with the buyer.

The first person to post an unconditional "I`ll take it" (or a reasonable variation of the same) in this thread for the light will be the buyer. (Asking a question or posting a conditional "I`ll take it" won`t create a placeholder for you.)

I can accept both cash-funded and CC-funded Paypal (but no E-Checks, please). I`ll eat the PP fees. Once a buyer posts in this thread, we can exchange PM`s or emails to sort out the shipping and payment logistics.

Thanks for looking!

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