Ganzo FH922 D2 Does 700


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Feb 15, 2009
Melbourne - Australia

Recently I ordered a 80 grit White Wheel for my wet stone grinder .
This is just a ordinary 250mm Grinder Wheel being re purposed !

Anyway , grinding knives with a 60 grit wheel has returned some very promising results ( especially on softer steels )
The Ganzo how ever is not soft , my 65HRC file skates over the blade steel .. ( Be hard )
It might be so hard to it refuses to take a good Normal edge ?
Factory Edge returned some 250 slices ( Failed @ 250 )
My guided knife sharpener edge returned some 250 slices ( failed @ 250 )

Anyways , laying down a new edge with the white wheel returned some 700 slices .
No the knife did not give up , but rather I did . My hands were ice cold and I threw in the towel @ 700 !
Also the paper I was using for edge testing had absorbed some moisture , and when I went inside and sliced some dryer paper .. It sliced much better !
Well , certainly the Ganzo liked the white wheel !

700 Slices is the stomping ground of Premium steels , not D2 !

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