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Sold/Expired HDS, HDSRB, Elzettas, Peak, Rovyvon for sale

Sep 16, 2020
Hi Everyone,

I've been too busy for any major pursuits in flashlights and plan to sell down my collection.

All prices include insured shipping within the US, payment via PayPal FF (add 4% for G&S).

Proof of possession

Two Elzetta Bravo Hosts $100 each
These are like new in blister packages. Cosmetically identical, with click tail caps, no drop-ins, all O-rings present.


Peak Logan $80 $75
Like new condition stainless steel, keychain tail, Nichia 219b 4000K. Medium optic. I might still have the original package.


Rovyvon A24 Ti $75 $70
Two green tritium installed in the tail, works well; appears to be a high CRI 4000K beam, Ra of 93. Comes with original zipper case, lanyard, ring, accessories.


Modified HDS Rotary $350 $325
This one was professionally done by Andy Zhu (of FB and BLF fame as a supplier of Nichia 219b and 519a emitters). Beautiful throwy beam at 4200K (see readings in album). Originally was an NLT325. I do also have a CR123 body tapped for McGizmo clips if interested.


HDSRB Head $250
In excellent condition with little to no external wear. I did not carry it beyond around the house. When paired with the above modified HDS, the beam is a clean tight hotspot, very useful for medium to long range use. Reflector appears to be in perfect condition.


Full titanium body and in excellent condition. Comes with original box and COA.

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