Nov 4, 2007
what headlamp do you guys like, if any at all

i was looking at the Princeton Tec Yukon Extreme Headlamp

this would be used for everyday uses but mostly just for fun,

if you guys have any other suggestions about a headlamp like that one, im open to suggestions (preferably something slightly cheaper)

oh yea... where can i get that head lamp cheaper than most places?
the cheapest i found it was $65 shipped



Oct 25, 2003
Long Island, New York
really depend on what your using it for
i have the apex and eos
both great lights
i just recently ordered some seoul leds to upgrade the headlamps

i have found headlamps to be extremely useful


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Jul 12, 2007
Southern Connecticut
Dan_GSR is right. your intended use has a lot to do w/which headlamp (or flashlight) you need to purchase.

however, lacking that information, let's forge ahead...

IMO PT's YukonExtreme is a very fine headlamp (i have two). if you don't require the THROW that the YE puts outs, but would prefer an LED only model with very long burn times, then go to Brightguy.com and for a bit more than the YE, you can get PT's ApexExtreme (i have one and another soon to be on the way). please don't misunderstand me, the AE with the 3W LED on HIGH o.p. (output) mode, throws fine for most uses IMO (SAR is probably an exception though where great throw is often required in some searches).

w/the AE you won't need to worry about your main lamp burning out as the AE is all LED (1 3W high-power and 4x5mm lower power white LEDs).

also, if you ever decide to mod or upgrade the to a newer approx. 2x as bright Cree or SSC LED, then the AE would be far easier to do that with than the YE.

bottom line: i'd only recommend the YE over the AE if

1) you absolutely require greater throw of YE over that which the AE will give you (it throws just fine IMO, especially with the higher power of the AE versus the two older Apex models (viz. the 4xAA powered Apex, and the 2xCR123A ApexPro).

2) the xtra$$ of the AE is a deal breaker for you. [my take on this point which i practice in my life is: if you really want the AE, but right now it's a bit too much $$, then save your $$ just a little longer to get the headlamp that you really want and then have no regrets that you didn't get precisely what you thought you needed or wanted. my two shekels.]

as far as cheaper, i would suggest that you do what i've been doing the last two years - primarily using flashlights instead of headlamps. go for a Fenix flashlight in your price range and with the battery-type that you prefer. purchase (or make - i've done both) a JakStrap or JakStrap II headband (*NOT* the somewhat similar Nite-Ize product) for mounting the Fenix flashlight to your head for hands-free operation. additionally, either take a pocket-clip off of a MiniMagLite, or CMG/Gerger Infinity/InfinityUltra task light and slide it onto the Fenix flashlight. if you wear a ballcap or other headgear/hat with a stiff brim/visor, then you can also mount the flashlight that way when hands-free operation is necessary.

i've gone this route, NOT b/c it's cheaper, but b/c it's lighter (even carrying spare batts, they can be lighter), the new flashlights use the later and greater LED technology (headlamps generally lag in time, in this regard) which are ~2x brighter, provide the same or BETTER burntimes on usually fewer batteries (so, generally, cheaper to operate - IF the highest output modes, which are 2-3x brighter than typical, popular headlamps, are used sparingly). the flashlights are generally more robust (metal vs. plastic) and take more of a lickin' w/o failing and are generally more water resistant. the flashlights usually provide the same or more THROW than most LED headlamps (due to reflector design and the use of newer Cree/SSC LED technology versus older Luxeon type) while still providing enough spill for a wide view of what's ahead or near at hand (though the generally beam won't be as smooth as most headlamp beams, unless a textured type of reflector is used in the flashlight, but then some THROW is sacrificed in order to achieve a smoother, more aesthetically appealing beam pattern).

it's also easier to carry in one's pants pocket a small high-powered flashlight with a clip or folded up JakStrap than it is to carry a larger headlamp. a headlamp like a small Petzl Zipka is very easy to carry in one's pocket, but it only has 4x5mm LEDs and so is rightly considered to be a task/proximity light - it lacks any significant THROW - only about 15' (20' on MAX), but it burns a long time on its lowest o.p. setting.

i know, a lot of options and things to think about. it will be worth the effort though.

oh, don't worry if you "side-mount" with a JakStrap headband. once you focus the beam and your eyes out beyond reading distance, you won't notice that the light is NOT mounted in the center of your forehead. if you clip it to your headgear brim/visor, then this sometimes voiced objection won't be an issue either.

just another take on headlamps.
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