Help me ID a light by its throw


Newly Enlightened
Dec 9, 2022
Night hunting is illegal here, but still get boys idling the roads at night looking to get a wild boar. Was wrapping a tour of a hunt permission I have and saw a bright light scanning the bush down the road. As the car approached I could see the throw their light cast as definitely being rectangular in shape, a well-defined edge on its beam as cast on the foliage. That was interesting, but more so that the beam was instantaneously narrowed, like barndoors closing, to a spotlight with same rectangle shape. The light it cast was even, edge-to-edge, slightly cool, and estimate it about 1000 lum output.
Any ideas on what this light may have been?
TIA, Mark

thermal guy

Jan 28, 2007
It sounds like a zoom light. one that comes to mind is the Italian something or other. Lol can’t think of the whole name. But has a very square beam a ton of throw and can zoom down to a flood light with the same pattern.


Jun 27, 2021
Many of the cheap eBay lights zoom as you describe, much more likely than a rare light like a Cometa. They often run on 3 AAAs in a carrier or some will fit a 18650 or 21700. I've used a few that would handle 2 123a batteries (6v instead of 4.5) without blowing the LED. None have run 2 18350 or 16350 batteries (8.4v) for more than a few seconds. I have 6(?) of them as they sometimes get used as mules for shipping batteries. Nothing special when compared to an Acebeam or Emisar light but enough of a WOW factor to impress the masses using common dollar store 2 D lights or even 3+D cell Maglites. They work but in the field they are the Yugo of flashlights. (yea I dated myself with that one.) The joke was ; how do you double the value of a Yugo? Fill the tank! (this at a time gas was <$1) OR why does a Yugo come with a rear defroster? To keep your hands warm while you push