Integrating Sphere Questions Mfgrs Leasing Pics?

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Mar 12, 2011
Champlain Valley
Hi All,
I am interested to see what manufacturers of lab spheres are prevalent in the US.
I see pics of international companies using two peice clam style with ports, The light meter large benchtop box looked like it was made by HP, lesser optioned model as it was not connected to a terminal/computer.

Are there any US manufacturers of IS spheres? And if known, is there a cost increase buying US made? I am aware of the 10k-40k+ price ranges for pro rated equipment. Seeing the amount of capital expense for this lab eqpt., are there any US companies that lease these IS systems?

The one I saw looked like it could be transported easily, 2 peice port style 24" ?, and was obviously made out of US. I am thinking of building a HMIS:huh:. I am trying to get more knowledge and better understanding of IS testing equipment, the differences, the capabilities, and thier different limitations. I appreciate any pics, comments, and information.



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Feb 6, 2007
We had 3 different Integration sphere systems back in San Jose, cannot tell you where a single one was made. The electronic metering system/controller is a separate piece from the actual sphere but the 2 have to be calibrated together. There are a few companies that will sell you a calibrated system, my search only found 1 in China. It will be interesting to see if you can lease one for a reasonable amount of money, my guess is not. Good luck, this will be interesting.