Looking to make a red hunting spotlight


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Aug 11, 2022
The mrs won't justify 100 quid on a flashlight .
I am in need of a red flashlight for hunting with a long throw after buying 4 with lenses covers and basically only being able to see my feet despite saying 300meters I'm reluctant to buy more

I make aquarium led panels already at 480 watt a piece on my corals and multi colors to full spec whites

so I guess I am looking to a pure red led as apprised to a filtered light as that reduces all other colors leaving little red
where as a red 3w led on my fish tank can light the bloody room , yes we tested quality street wrappers and the small red plastic on a white led just about stops the throw compared to a made red led

what led chip am I looking for here ? I have seen the cree xhp90 dominating the white light chips but that's a white light I will be making later on
i can't find the red equivalent to the white beast in Red ?

I think it's this

is that the same as the shadow master led ? Far throw red
I can get ten for 16 quid ??
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