Lumintop EDC15 1xAA ( 14500 )


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Feb 15, 2009
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For review :
Lumintop EDC15 ..
This is a 5 mode twisty EDC flashlight of AA size that can use 14500 Li-ion batteries for seriously higher output !
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First impressions

The light is extremely well made , you feel this immediately when you pick up the light and give it a twist . The threads are as good as they can be , tension is just right and the action is smooth and precise with micron levels of play ( almost undetectable ) . This makes for a very easy and rewarding light to use . From the physical aspect and optical … I have nothing to complain about . The light works exactly as it is intended to do . The machining and anodizing are exemplary .

In the box

In the box you get the EDC15 / 2 spare O rings / a small carbineer / and a rubber lantern head ( diffuser ) that slips onto the head of the DC15 + the instruction manual .

Using the EDC15

It's a twisty ! You hold the body and twist the head ( or the other way around ) . There are 4 output levels and mode memory . To STROBE you need to twist quickly 6 times to activate strobe . I like that , put strobe a reasonable distance from the regular modes .. That's a plus in my book ! For mode memory the light only needs to be on for a few seconds , so to change light levels you need to be reasonably quick .

Measured current draw

This is the current draw I was able to measure ( ok ) .

AA Alkaline – 0.02 to 0.03 / 0.09 to 0.11 / 0.69 / 2A
Eneloop NIMH – 0.03 / 0.12 / 0.73 / 1.83A
Lumintop 14500 – 0.02 / 0.27 / 1.03 / 1.62A

Ok , so the 14500 really juices the EDC15 thru the roof . At 1.62 amp the amount of heat the EDC15 puts out the front of the lens is substantial for such a small light . After about 5 seconds I had to pull the light away from my hand as the fear of being burned was starting to get real . The EDC15 really looks to be cooking in the highest mode with the 14500 .


The EDC15 uses a defused lens that puts out a very smooth floody beam that is simply fantastic inside a house . This light is obviously not a thrower , but rather designed to help you see what's in front of you or light up a room inside your house . See Video . Again the EDC15 performs as intended . I haven't tried the 14500 out as yet as the Lumintop 14500 was on the charger last night ( I discovered the package on the letterbox @ 11pm Sat Night ) . So there was only time to throw a Alkaline in the EDC15 and have a quick play . Today I have been doing measurements and some basic function testing . It will be dark soon , so I will do some video then ( 5.30 pm right now ) . Really looking forward to seeing just how balls to the wall that 14500 will be .



Ok , if you watch the video you might notice that output does not change with the Alkaline battery between 0.69 amp and 2 amp current draw . Most likely because at 2 amp the Alkaline is voltage sagging terribly .. The Eneloop has no such issue .. But thought it worth mentioning !
I would like to thank XXXXXXXXXXXXXX for making this review possible !

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Apr 20, 2009
My EDC is a Lumintop Tool AAA. If your EDC 15 AA is as well built as my Tool AAA, you have a great light.


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Jul 19, 2014
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I purchased the EDC15 EDC01 to pad an Amazon order to get free shipping a couple years ago. I think it was $8 $9.99, which stunned me

The first thing I noticed was it was very similar to the Lumintop Worm that I also owned and ultimately gifted to my hair stylist. The Worm was copper and had a longer head, which held an OP reflector and clear lens, while the EDC15 EDC01 has a shorter head and a TIR with a honey comb diffuse lens.

I also noticed the threads were silky smooth. I did not notice 4 or 5 modes, pretty sure mine has MLH with memory, i.e. 3 modes on Eneloop AAA. I did not try a Li-ion cell. It may be was a different light if, there is also one called EDC01, because that's what I thought it was called until I read OP's title and post, but I didn't pay close attention, and I just checked, it was a different model. I'll have to dig it out and check, but it appears to be the same light by outward appearances. I have little doubt I got the name wrong. Somehow, I remembered correctly. And now I also remember it uses an Osram cool white LED.

As shown in the OP's images, the clip, which I believe is actually a spring clasp and may even be called a carabiner, is one of the higher-end claps you see, sturdier and nicer than a lobster clasp because there's no release. You just push against it.
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