Maglite Spectrum 2xAA PWM on NiMh batteries, 69 lumen mode :^(


Jan 20, 2015
N. SD County
Just received a Mini Maglite Spectrum 2xAA and it came with Energizer Alkalines. Put in some Eneloops and when I turned it on, the high mode, 69 lumens, is not at full output (clearly lower output) and has PWM. It is not very obvious and is a "high rate", but it is noticeable and lower output is a bummer also. Low has definite PWM with either batteries (beacon and SOS, no concern with these modes). Light works as normal on the provided Energizer batteries.

I know Maglites are optimized for alkalines, but didn't imagine this lower output light would suffer from PWM on the high/primary mode with Eneloops. Other maglites I have, ML50L/ML50LX, ML25LT work fine on Eneloops with C adapters. Kind of sucks and I'll use these Energizer alkalines until they run out and then run it with a pair of Energizer Lithiums.