Making a spotlight with a parallel beam


Newly Enlightened
Nov 17, 2021
New Zealand
I am wanting to build a spotlight with a parallel beam, so far I have picked these parts:

100w COB LED:
150w boost converter:

I am planning on building an aluminium frame enclosure, similar to

I don't care about light quality, (CRI etc) but I would like to have a nice beam. I plan on using a lens such as and a fresnel to make the parallel light.

So my questions are:
1. Is a fresnel the best choice, and if not, what would be better? I have heard of aspheric lenses but I can't find much information on these used in spotlights (I am on a budget so cheaper plastic lenses are preferred)
2. What is a good source for heatsinks? I would like the flashlight to be relatively thin so a wide CPU cooler won't work.