MC-E 5A P60, DBS clone, with driver, DD, not really impressed.


Aug 29, 2007
Right behind you with a 6D Mag623 !!
Well my MC-E arrived.

First let me say that a MC-E with legs is almost exactly the same size as a XR-E.
So I desoldered a QA5 from a 16mm board and dropped it on.

I planned to run paralel so I just ran a little goober of solder across the pads and all the legs.

I first put it on DX sku 11074.
This module puts out a minimum of 1.2A on high.
First host was the DBS clone.

Much floodier and the spill was nice but the hotpot was riddled with artifacts.
I adjusted the focus and eventually ground a little off the end of the reflector to get the emitter further inside.

I never really found a good spot, but there is a large area that will make a donut hole.
I would give he focus a 3 on a 1-10 scale.

Next I tried a P60
smooth reflector SUCKS
I had a DX smooth kit and it leaves a BIG hole in the middle.
OP is OK but the is almost NO hotspot.

Next I tried it direct drive.

I'm not really worried too much about heat.
I used a extra long, extra heavy P60 pill with the entire thing filled up with brass.

DD is pretty good in the P60.
Still floody of course.
"floody" wall of light like a hotwire incan with not enough reflector.

DD in DBS clone was a little better
not much
enough to be usable though

heat was excessive (for my taste) in P60n after 11 mins DD
heat was very mild with 11074 as driver in HI

heat in DBS clone was more like a regular P60 module in P60 host
it never got bad even on DD for 15 mins

I'm spoiled now by the 5A tint.

The purpose of this writeup (if you call it that)
was to pour a little water on the MC-E craze

I'm not doing anything else (modding) with an MC-E until I seesomeone elses results.

Don't get me wrong, I build stuff all the time.
I just think I'll wait till reflectors catch up with the emitters.

I would call the DBS clone MC-E 5A a moderate success.
Not what I had hoped for in throw, but the spill is very nice.

good luck