Modify a Brinkmann Legend LX?



Hello All,

First post, but certainly not my last... I have a Brinkmann Legend LX which recently stopped working (blown bulb), and while searching for a replacement bulb, I ran into this forum, and can see how easily one could get addicted.

Anyway, I decided to order a new flashlight (Fenix PD30) but while looking around here, decided my first mod project would be the Brinkmann. So here's a few specs and what I'd like to do, but I'm unsure of the bulb/reflector module to use:

Bezel O.D. : 40mm (I.D. ~36mm)
Plastic lens : 34mm (Already ordered UCL replacement)
Stock Reflector assembly : 36mm x 20mm (WxH)
Stock batteries : (2) CR123

I've seen here the use of (3) CR2 for 9V use, so was looking to use a 9V bulb/reflector assembly, but not sure if I should order a D26 or a D36 module. (I assume the # is the diameter? 26mm vs.36mm??) If so I'm guessing I need the D36? It also says i can use (2) 3.7V batteries with the 9V modules, so I could go with AW-16340 batteries with a slightly reduced output I assume.

If someone could let me know if my assumptions are correct before I order the reflector. I was looking to use the HO-9L (or the EO-9L).

Any thoughts and/or ideas?