My Ra Twisty 100Tw saves the day


Flashlight Enthusiast
Sep 6, 2008
Brisbane, Australia
Last night, I was over at my cousins place for a kids birthday party. There were no flashoholics present except me.

I only had my D10, Ra Twisty, DBS V2 & L2DQ5 with me as I had forgotten to bring my JetBeam III Military.:D

Anyway, one of the little girls got a wooden splinter in her foot. My cousin (a ICU nurse) had been trying to get it out in 75w lounge room lighting (the brightest part of the house!!). They had 3 adults holding her down & she was in quite a bit of pain.

I wandered in to get a drink & heard the girl crying etc. Well I held my Twisty about 60 cm from the wound and turned it to full (100lm) and hey presto, we all saw the light - 10 seconds later, with the splinter now visable, she yanked it out and it was all over.

By this time, around 10 people had come over and saw what happened. All ten wanted to know what sort of light it was, where did I buy it, and how much! My wife looked at me and just smiled. She knew I was looking for a suitable excuse to get the lights fired up!

8 people look startled at the price (wives), but 2 wanted to get one each immediately (husbands).

Well, at least I converted 2 people that night. We spent the rest of the night chasing possums with the DBS.:D

Are there any other success stories out there...?


Feb 13, 2007
Any evening with friends that turns into chasing possoms with a DBS is cool.