My Various DIY LED Headlamps

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hello folks
just posting here to say hello and post the URL of my personal LED Headlamp webpage and Sea Fishing site.
I have made various styles of LED Headlamp over the past 3 years, starting off with Kingbright red LEDs 40 and 50 LED arrays.
then I used some LumiLED LEDs (square) very nice 625nm wide angle LEDs, then started to experiment with the Nichia 5.6cD ones.
made up a few 10s 15s 18s and now have a 75 LED Headlamp made and running and almost ready to fit into a Petzl Duo Headlamp,
it uses 1 Amp at 6.5 volt and produces 500 Candle power and is nasty to look at from the front.
my friends and I, we use LED Headlamps for night fishing on the Beaches in the UK.
been experimenting with DC-DC convertors recently and only had one die on me lol.
need to keep them cool, and use decent Schottky Diodes.
my website
regards malcolm


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Aug 11, 2000
East Bay, Cali.
Although it's about headlamps, this post is also somewhat technical, and i'm moving it over to LED...

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