Mystery Knife - Mystery Steel !


Flashlight Enthusiast
Feb 15, 2009
Melbourne - Australia

Cost $46 bananas to my door !
This knife was from South Australia and it has no name or anything !
Took some doing . but it apparently is a Tops M01 copy ?

EDGE = The edge was horrendous ! 3 sharpening's to get it to slice printer paper & it still had a niggle in it !
First time on the rope , we are talking about a 250 slice fail .
So I put it back on the wet stone grinder and the 80 grit wheel ..
2nd time on the rope the fail was at 450 slices . .... ..... ....... For a $46 Banana Knife , 450 slices is very acceptable .

I hate the lump on the spine of the knife , it really hurt ! Right at 200 slices of rope the knife brought the PAIN !
And the more you sliced the more it hurt . ( Pain Giver ) .
If you only slice once or twice , who cares ! How ever ... If you plan to work with the knife ? Grind the lumpy rubbish away !

Sheath ! It holds the knife ok .. But it's kind of NQR . The strap is an afterthought , the diamond sharpener is ............... crude and the ferro rod is ... junk !
It's not the end of the world for $46 Bananas .. That's pretty much the price of a burger at a trendy eatery ! ( I know cos I went to one before Christmas ) .
At 450 slices , it's in the good range .. ( For slices )
Would I buy another = No ! Because as I type this my hand hurts like hell ! This knife is a pain giver ..... If you love pain (?) , sure why not ! On the other hand you might not like pain , so maybe best to avoid this one if you see it somewhere for cheap ! Like I said , one or two slices of something - Who cares ? Lots of cutting on the other hand .............................................. run away !