Real Steel Bushcraft 3


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Feb 15, 2009
Melbourne - Australia
Real Steel Bushcraft 3

D2 Steel / Scandi Edge with a Micro Bevel ( HRC is beyond 65HRC )

Right off the bat , let me tell you that the handle is too small for medium to large hands . Might be ok for women or Chinese hands ? But for everyone else = Too Small ! Unless of course you like a crowded grip ? Slicing rope (?) , the knife was not a good cutter . In fact it was a lot of work for a scandi . Maybe that micro bevel is (?) . On wood the knife is a strong cutter and did rather well . The spine will not scrape wood , but will scrape ferro . Trying out my HRC files , even my 65HRC file skated over the scandi edge . That's one hard ( hard ) D2 blade .

Failure with the factory edge came around 125 slices of 10mm twisted sisal rope . I went to 150 slices and the strain on my hand and wrist became horrendous . Oh dear ! As is , I would rate this knife as one to avoid !

Part 2 - Re Sharpened Full Scandi

It took some effort to rid the knife of the micro bevel . I had to use 150 grit Diamond on account of how hard the steel was . After reaching the apex ( edge ) I switched to 320 grit Diamond to finish off the edge . It was a lot of work and there were quite a few spots left on the edge with 150 grit remains . And you can really tell slicing printer paper as it can catch and tear on the coarse bits .

Slicing rope you could really feel the difference . The knife had been transformed into a slicing monster with the full Scandi edge . The first 50 slices were like a laser scalpel compared the factory edge with the micro bevel . In fact the entire process was much easier than the factory edge ever was ! & it was so easy , I thought I had sliced rope 500 times , when in fact I had sliced some 650 times . Now the knife did not fail , I simply stopped because I thought that the knife had made a point . It was slicing rope easily , slicing paper , and not rolling the edge . Yes the niggly bits were getting worse , but it was still doing what it needed to do .

Bushcrafty - The spine is crisp enough to throw ferro , but not crispy enough to scrape wood . That full Scandi edge is amazing on wood . That handle really needs another 10mm of real-estate !

A) Factory edge is - Howdy doody

B) Handle is too small

C) Spine needs to be crispy ( 90 deg )

Other than that ? I think Real Steel needs to refine the knife and call it Bushcrafty 4 !

I paid $90 Aus to the door , and after some painful resharpening ( re profiling ) the knife is performing . I can live with it , but it could be better .