Need recommendation for 1AAA clip-on light.


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Sep 15, 2020
I fell in love with having a aaa batt clip light clipped to my shirt collar and the one I got off Amazon for $5 over a year ago worked fine, one button on tail cap turned on and off and it was bright enough (Says Risemart on side) But it had one feature I didn't like, when the battery became too low to power it, it just went dead, if I clicked it over and over it would come back on, and the light output didn't seem low enough to have a battery that needed replacing, it just decided on its own when voltage was low enough to prevent it from operating. That's the only thing I hated about it. I plan to pay a little more for a decent one. one AAA batt (store kind, non recharge) and one that wont go dead before its time, don't need super-bright, but bright enough.

Any Ideas?

Sean G


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May 8, 2017
Eastern Europe
Jetbeam JET- µ, but it's a swivel, not a click

I have one, as the battery drains, the higher modes become dimmer and dimmer and it becomes quite clear when it's time to replace the battery. If ignore the decrease in brightness in higher modes and do not change the battery, then it will turn off in the same way as a cheap flashlight

There is 1 minus, somehow I dropped it about 40-50 cm high on the ground and it went out. As it turned out, the contact between the tablet with the driver and the diode and the flashlight body was lost. You just had to twist the tablet harder into your head so that contact was restored and everything worked well further

By tablet we mean this part inside. Tighten it using long-nose pliers, as in the photo