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Apr 12, 2002
Grand Rapids, MI
Ok, I came here today to ask which single 123 battery flashlight would be appropriate for a Luxeon Star. InTheDark beat me to it.

Apparently the answer is, the E1e or nothing. I don't want to shell out the money for an E1, just to cut it up, so....

I think I'm going to try to make one out of plumbing. I think I can make a light out of a single diameter piece of pipe. I was messing around with my Brinkmann LX the other day and I noticed that the barrel with the 123 batteries in it, is exactly the right diameter to fit the LS optics in the end. If I can find a piece of pipe that diameter, I can probably get the whole thing in a single piece...

But, my big problem is: How the heck am I going to turn this thing on and off? I want this it be as small as possible because I want to EDC it. I also would like some sort of water protection, even if it's just enough to keep it working in the rain.

So, I could use some sort of tail-cap switch, but I don't think I'm going to find one for a 123 sized barrel aside from the Brinkmann LX switch (which is almost as big as another 123 battery) or there's the Surefire LOTC, both are too much money, and I don't know how big the Surefire cap is.

There's a twist on/off head, but I don't think it's necessarily going to have a head to twist, and I'm not sure I could pull off the machining necessary to make a twist on head that doesn't leak.

And then there's a switch in the side of the case. I think I like this idea best, but I don't know what kind of switch to get, or where to get it. Anybody done something like this before (Elektrolumens?) and have a recommendation on where to get a suitable switch?

My best idea, so far, is: I have one of those LED-LENSER LED lights that runs off 3 LR44 batteries. It's a piece of junk, and I don't use it for anything. But, it has click on/off switch in the side of the barrel. It has a rubber dome over the top that is just held in like a grommet in the side of the light. It's really cheezy, but would probably do the trick, and I would probably only need to drill a hole for it in the side of my light in order to make it work.

Does anybody have any advise about something like this that they could share? I've never done a "from scratch" flashlight. Only modifications to existing lights, and I'm kind of in unknown waters here...



Sep 13, 2001
I was wondering when other people were going to start looking for a single 123 light. Anyway, I was in the same situation as you, looking for a switch that i could use on a homemade light, but unfortunately, there aren't that many switches out there that would work. So far, I think the best option is to buy a cheap flashlight and cannabalize the switch mechanism off of it. Some of the ones I was looking at were the Garrity rubber coated flashlights (they have a tailcap switch integrated into the body) and some Rayovac ones, I think. Those have a similar feel to the Maglights and DB energizers, but they only cost about $3, so you won't have to trash an expensive flashlight to get a switch. The only place I found selling similar switches wanted $3.50 apiece, so it's acutally cheaper to get the whole light. Anyway, good luck.


Nov 11, 2001
The members of "Homemade and Modified Lights" may have some good pointers for you. Those seeing your question can still access the thread from here.
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