Phoebus Tactical Cree 2.2 Lunetta

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May 4, 2006
Ephrata, Pa
A short review of the Phoebus Tactical Cree 2.2 light that was won at the recent CPF campout. Provided by .

A nice looking and very well constructed light.


Aircract grade 6061-T6 Alum. in a matte black finish. Quality appearance. Smooth reflector for good throw- but still has a nice smooth throw. Doug uses his lights at work for inspection and repair.


The above photo is a laser printer cartridge that we recycle. Below, one of the printers for repair work.


The Lunetta 2.2 has 3 modes. High/low/strobe. The light comes on in high. Then you cycle to low and off. The strobe is out of the way, and is accessed by holding the switch on for 2 seconds.

High is 130 lumens- and a full 3 hours run time. They give up a little brightness for an excellent long run time. The switch has a nice feel. Everything about the light shows very good quality.


The light sell for $85. A decent price for someone who wants a top quality light that will always work, and take a lots of hard use.


This report submitted for Doug Adams.
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