Recommend me a "bulb"?


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Apr 26, 2013
Good evening,

I am currently restoring a light that I got free off Marketplace. It is an old Robert Sonneman floor lamp and uses three bulbs that appear to be like the ones you'd use in a vanity. Currently it has 40W incans in it but that seems wasteful to me.

here's the light

Can someone please recommend a G25 format LED bulb, 40-60W equivalent (or higher?) with a good CRI and decent life?

These are my front runners right now as I really liked the Feit "Enhance" in my dining room at my last place.

edit: it looks like the bulbs that are in there now are actually G16.5 not G25 but they have a standard base. I am going to have to see if a regular old A19 or G25 is acceptable in there? or will even fit?

Edit2: A19 fits but sticks out too far, G25 is probably fine.

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Mar 8, 2021
Any lamp that meets the Energy Star requirements (and so has an Energy Star logo on the packaging) will have a CRI of at least 80 and an R9 of at least 0 (so good, if not great color rendering), and a lifetime of at least 15k hours, along with reasonably good efficacy. So that'd be a good place to start, although these days it may be harder to find lamps without that logo than with.