Recommended (travel) power (12W+?) charger for iPad, tablets, Raspberry Pi, etc.?


Newly Enlightened
Nov 10, 2011
The (new) stock Apple iPad charger is 12W. (The old was 10W.)

The best seller, best recommended, best price on Amazon seems to be the Anker, which is 10W only:

Specs, from the company site:

  • USB Output5V / 2.4A (single USB port)
    5V / 4A (total)

Here is another one 12W, with worse Amazon reviews:
(See most helpful review)

Amazon reviews, for what it's worth. Some seem to be quite professional!

Single version of the Anker, 10W (2A) again:
Interestingly, on the Raspberry Pi forums they recommend similar chargers to power the Pi. Besides charging tablets (and phones as well), this is another important use case.

All in all, I need two of these fast USB chargers, one double or two singles.

To complicate things, they need to be also international travel adapter compatible.

Here are two, typical, but quality options for those:
Max. load: 10 A
Max. load: 2.5 A

Interestingly, the World Adapter PRO+ Adapter cost nearly double the price (and weight) of the MUV Micro, so all in all, it's a tie.

If I understand correctly (I am not an electrical engineer), from the above Anker chargers I can connect and fully load the single version to the MUV Micro, but for the double charger I will need the World Adapter PRO+, right?

The question is, which brand is recommended for the power USB charger and why?