165 Watt, 4 C port charger for laptops and phones


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Aug 19, 2008
Denver, Colorado
Satechi 165 Watt Charger
$120 or about $100 with online discount codes

I wanted to reduce the number of charging blocks I was taking on trips and bought this charger about a month ago. It replaces chargers for my Lenovo laptop, apple iPhone - tablet - watch, and mophie batteries. I've charged 4 devices at once, and it has fast smart charging. I also bought some 10 inch c to lightning charging cables, c to c for laptop, and c to female usb for old cable use, c to b adapter, and already a few cheaper a to c adapters. Also got to longer c to c and c to lightning cables. Their cables can charge up to 100 watts. I really like their short cable c to female a usb cable - wish I bought 2.

I'm really happy with it charging everything I put on it and the fast charging.

It uses a cord and walk plug so it's easy to set up a charging station on a table and only use 10 inch cables (saves packing space and weight) to charge devices. Since it's fast, I can work unplugged on the laptop and refresh the charge when I take a break.

They also make a few other lower wattage models that plug directly into the wall which eliminates the cord, but I would need to use longer charging cords and wouldn't have as much power.

It's smaller than I expected, maybe 4 inches long, 3 inches high and 1 inch thick. I didn't think I would like the little stand that comes with it but I do. The power cord is thin and coils up good for packing. The overall feel is high quality. Only negative I read about is a bright LED power on light, it does seem that bad to me, and I will block it if needed.

It's a big upgrade to my charging.

Just got this discount code in an email from them:
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