Review CYANSKY H3 V2.0 - 3 color - 21700

Dec 3, 2012

CYANSKY H3 v2.0 was sent to me directly from CYANSKY for review.

For technical details : H3 V2.0 Multi-color Long-range Hunting Flashlight – Cyansky Light
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I thank CYANSKY for giving me the opportunity to try the new CYANSKY H3 V2.0 object of this test.
With the second version of the H3, CYANSKY renews the previous model bringing better performance with a maximum brightness now of 1600 lumens and a maximum intensity of the peak beam of 82.656cd.
CYANSKY H3 v2.0 is a medium-sized flashlight, 171mm long powered by a 5000mAh protected 21700 format battery, which is equipped with a Type-C charging port, with a maximum working time of 400 hours. On the H3 v2.0 we find the Luminus SFT-40-W LED which allows the H3 v2.0 to reach the remarkable beam distance of about 575 meters.
Cyansky H3 V2.0 has the particularity of being able to vary the color of the light beam (in addition to white) through a red or green filter without having to use lens caps but simply by turning the rotating ring on the body.
H3 v2.0 has two switches , one on the tail and one on the metal side, four brightness levels and two special modes, strobe and ECO mode, with IP68 waterproofing and an operating temperature between -30°C and +55°C .
CYANSKY H3 v2.0 is especially recommended for hunting, military and security forces, search and rescue and outdoor activities.

Main features (parent company data):
• 1 * Luminus SFT-40-W with 50,000 hours of life
• Powered by a 5000mAh 21700 Li-ion rechargeable battery
• Tactical tail switch, one touch to light up
• Side switch to change output modes
• Rotating body ring to change the color of the light
• ECO/Strobe mode.
• Maximum. 1600 lumens and 575 meters.
• Max 400 hours of autonomy.
• Working temperature: -30℃ ~ 55℃ / -22℉ ~ 131℉.
• HAIII hard anodized anti-abrasive machining surface
• With battery power indication and low voltage warning function
• Constant current output circuit to maintain constant brightness
• Intelligent IC controls the temperature to avoid overheating and causing damage to the product or overheating of the surface causing discomfort
• The case is made of A6061-T6 aircraft grade hard aluminum alloy
• Double-sided coated tempered glass lens with high hardness
• Anti-reverse connection design to prevent the battery from being installed upside down, causing damage to the circuit
• Tactical strike head design
• Anti-roll design
• Memory function
• IP68 waterproof
• 2 meters of shock resistance

Dimensions : 1.63″ 1.00″ 6.73″ / 41.425.4171mm
Weight : 5.64oz / 160gr (excluding battery)

Note: The above data is based an ANSI 1 PLATO al standard using one CYANSKY 2150U battery tested In CYANSKY laboratory environment at 25°C ±2°C and 50%-80% humidity.
The runtime of TURBO is the total accumulated duration of the product circuit intelligent reduced brightness level test.

CYANSKY H3 v2.0 arrives, well protected, in a rigid white/blue cardboard box. The sales package of the CYANSKY H3 v2.0 is complete with everything needed to use the flashlight immediately.
Inside the package we find, in addition to the CYANSKY H3 v2.0 with the 5000 mAh 21700 rechargeable lithium battery inside, the USB-C charging cable, the holster, the lanyard, 2 spare O-rings, rubber switch spare parts, manual and guarantee. The glass arrives protected by a transparent plastic. The Clip is not present.



The supplied Holster is open and small in size. It does not protect the flashlight but allows for easy transport with a quick ejection. I certainly would have preferred a classic holster.

Even CYANSKY H3 v2.0, like other CYANSKY products tested previously, has good build quality, attention to detail, with good thicknesses and no edges or construction residues.
H3 v2.0 is 171mm long with a weight of 234gr (with battery inserted). H3 v2.0 holds well in the hand with good grip despite its size and smooth body. Does not roll easily due to the special design of the tail.
Well made and clearly legible the writings on the torch.



CYANSKY H3 v2.0 is consisting of 3 parts: Head, Body and Tail.
Both at the head and at the tail we have a plated spring as contact with the battery. At the tail is double. In the back of the head and the tube we find the threads that arrive well lubricated.

Then there are the sealing O-rings for protection against water and dust. CYANSKY H3 v2.0 has waterproof and dustproof rating according to IP68 (2 meters submersible). CYANSKY H3 v2.0 has reverse polarity protection.

The Rechargeable Battery included in the sales package is a protected and rechargeable Lithium in 21700 (BL2150U) format, 3.6V / 18Wh, marked CYANSKY of 5000mAh.
In the upper part of the battery, near the positive, there is the USB-C format charging connector.
The CYANSKY BL2150U battery has a notification led near the positive button. When the battery is being recharged, the LED is red, while when the charge is complete it turns green. It took me about 4 hours and 30 minutes to fully recharge the battery. At the end of the charge the voltage was 4.18V. At the end of the runtime tests, the battery drops below 3V (2.76V) and recharging begins slowly until it exceeds 3V where it settles down to around 1.5A.

CYANSKY H3 v2.0 can also be powered without problems with other 21700 batteries and, via an adapter (optional), with 18650 format batteries.

On the head of the CYANSKY H3 v2.0 we find the slightly crenulated and protruding Bezel that protects the glass well and a smooth aluminum alloy reflector.

At the center the LED Luminus SFT-40-W allows the H3 v2.0 to reach a maximum beam distance of 575 meters with a maximum brightness of 1600 lumens.
DATA SHEET: Luminus : Specialty White LEDs


Reflector has vacuum plating which reduces light refraction and improves luminous efficiency while tempered glass lens has double-sided coating with high hardness.

One of the main features of CYANSKY H3 V2.0 is to have ** 3 colors ** of the light beam: White, Red and Green. By turning the rotating ring located on the head (in both directions) you can quickly switch between these three colors.
Having the option to switch to a red or green color beam is very important and it is certainly an added value to have it available on a torch like the CYANSKY H3.
The red color is barely visible from a distance, making it ideal at night for military operations or hunting applications.
The green color facilitates the observation of game and wildlife as this wavelength range is almost invisible to animals and therefore does not disturb them.


CYANSKY H3 V2.0 uses an integrated filter system which allows for changing the color of the beam by simply rotating the ring quickly without removing or installing additional filters.
This design greatly improves the convenience and practicality of the flashlight for your different lighting needs.


The metallic side button, with which we will manage the available levels, is raised and has a silent click. I had no trouble finding it in the dark.
In the center of the button we find a ** notification led ** which lights up to indicate the battery charge status when the power is on. The indicator will turn off after 3 seconds.
Battery level:
Green light: 75% -100%
Flashing green light: 50% -75%
Red light: 25% -50%
Flashing red light: 0%-25%.


The central body of the CYANSKY H3 V2.0 is smooth without particular knurling. The use of a Clip is not foreseen on it. The tail cap has a modern and particular design which certainly facilitates its unscrewing and partially avoids rolling.

On the cap we find two holes where it is possible to insert the lanyard supplied with the flashlight.
At the end we find the mechanical ** tactical ** button, in rubber, to turn the flashlight on or off. The button has normal size and allows the function of Momentary On (Momentary Tactical Lighting). To operate it you need to make a fair amount of force and the click is noisy. The particular shape of the tail cap protects the button from involuntary activation.


CYANSKY H3 v2.0 with other flashlights.

From left: Batteria Cyansky 21700, CYANSKY H3 v2.0, CYANSKY K3 v2.0, Armytek Predator Pro e Nitecore SRT7i.


The user interface of CYANSKY H3 v2.0 is simple. Flashlight has memory (excluding Strobe level).
H3 v2.0 has two switches, one on the tail and one on the side, four brightness levels and two special modes, Strobe and ECO.

Turn On/Off
• Tap the tactical tail switch to momentarily turn on the flashlight. Release and the flashlight will turn off.
• Fully press the tactical tail switch to turn the flashlight on/off. The flashlight will turn on in the saved mode.
Switch to general mode
When the power is on, press the electronic switch on the body within 0.5 seconds to switch the general mode: LOW - MED - HIGH - TURBO.
Switch to special mode
STROBE: With the flashlight on, press the side switch to enter Strobe mode.
ECO: With the flashlight off, hold down the side switch while pressing the tail switch.
Memory function
The flashlight has a memory function. When the flashlight is off, it will save the previously used mode (STROBE mode excluded).
High temperature protection
After working in TURBO mode (1600 lumens) for 60 seconds, the flashlight will automatically dim to 800 lumens (from manual) to avoid overheating. Then it will adjust the brightness according to the temperature.
When the product temperature is higher than the safe value, it will reduce the brightness of the product through temperature control to avoid product damage and user injury.


The beam of the CYANSKY H3 v2.0 has a cold white color, without obvious artifacts or strange color changes, with a concentrated hotspot and an exploitable spill. Of the two colored filters supplied with CYANSKY H3 V2.0, the more usable one is certainly the green one.
We see in the photo below the beam of the CYANSKY H3 V2.0 (150lm) close to that of the Nitecore SRT6i (300lm) at a distance of 30cm from the wall.



CYANSKY H3 2.0 has a powerful beam that illuminates well up to medium/high distances. The peak value in candles in Turbo mode, which I detected with a measurement at 5 metres, is 88750cd for a distance covered of about 600 metres.


From the tests made with the OPPLE Light Master Pro with white light at a distance of two meters from the sensor, the value of the CCT color temperature and the Ra color rendering varies, as we have already seen, according to the selected light level. Let's see some values taken with this tool:
In TURBO (1600 lumens) I measured 7076 CCT and 70.7 Ra. Duv= - 0.0122
In HIGH (800 lumens) I measured 6487 CCT and 68.4 Ra. Duv= 0.0077
In MED (150 lumens) I measured 6332 CCT and 68.3 Ra.
In LOW (30 lumens) I measured 6162 CCT and 68.1 Ra.

With a ** thermal imaging camera ** I detected how heat is distributed on the CYANSKY H3 v2.0 in Turbo mode (white light) a few seconds after switching on, 3 minutes and 10 minutes after switching on.

The photo below shows the ** runtime graphics **, concerning the three colors, which we find printed in the paper manual found in the sales package.

My tests were done in an indoor environment with a temperature of about 22°C, using the supplied battery a fully charged 5000mAh 21700, using white light, in TURBO mode (1600 lumens) and in HIGH mode (800 lumens).
CYANSKY H3 v2.0 has a temperature control to avoid overheating which can cause damage to the flashlight or injury to the user.
I would like to point out that the values expressed by the graphs must be evaluated above all as a reference because they are made with means and conditions different from those used in the laboratory.
The runtime values on high levels are perhaps better than those claimed by CYANSKY. Excellent adjustment.



VIDEO Review


CYANSKY H3 V2 0 Unboxing and Use

CYANSKY H3 v2.0 is a well built flashlight with a powerful and concentrated beam that reaches medium or long distances. The dimensions remain compact even if at the limit for an EDC and still allow a good grip.
The sales package of the CYANSKY H3 v2.0 is complete with everything needed to use the flashlight immediately; the Clip is missing, not foreseen, but not the always useful lanyard and the essential but practical case.
Of the CYANSKY H3 v2.0 I liked the coloring of the beam and I appreciated the adjustment found during the discharge tests (runtime). The integrated filter system is very practical, allowing you to quickly vary the color of the red or green beam in addition to white.
CYANSKY H3 v2.0 can be powered by non-proprietary 21700 format batteries which is increasingly rare but appreciated by many while the user interface is easy to remember even if I would have appreciated the possibility of rapid activation of the Turbo and Strobe.
Great product, recommended.
Thanks for reading the review.

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