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Dec 3, 2012

SPERAS M4 was sent to me directly by SPERAS for the review.
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comes in a white cardboard box. The box indicates some of the main characteristics that distinguish it.


In the box we find beyond the SPERAS M4 with the 1100mAh lithium battery in 18350 format (rechargeable) inside, 2x spare O-rings, the USB-C charging cable, lanyard and manual (English).


- Constructed from Aerospace GM Aluminum Alloy with premium Type III hard anodizing.
- Compact and powerful. It uses an innovative high-performance LED that emits 1320 lumens with a beam distance of 652m.
- High transmittance PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) materials are used to create a well designed TIR lens for an optimal light beam.
- USB-C charging with an intelligent power indicator system for optimal charging and power status indication.
- High efficiency circuit, no flicker and a maximum of 220 hours of autonomy in Eco mode.
- Reverse polarity protection to prevent damage to the circuit when the battery is installed incorrectly.
- Overcharge / discharge protection to extend battery life.
- Lock function to avoid unintended operations.
- 6061 aerospace aluminum alloy with Type III hard anodizing for a tough, non-abrasive torch.

Dimensions: 78.5mm (length) 3.07"(Length) x 40.4mm 1.59" (head diameter) x 26mm 1.02" (tube diameter)
Weight: 87.2g (114g with battery inserted)


SPERAS M4 is a well built Mini Pocket Thrower in EDC format and, despite being small (78.5mm long), it grips well. Its size allows you to carry it with you in many ways (fits comfortably in your trouser pocket) and is ideal for everyday use, camping, etc. SPERAS M4 is composed of two parts, the head and the body which turns out to be a single piece with the tail.


SPERAS M4 uses a high-performance LED (S50), emits intense light up to 1320 lumens and its beam reaches an excellent depth reaching up to 652 m. Includes 7 different lighting modes; Turbo, High, Medium, Low, Eco, Strobe and SOS, with excellent runtimes (up to 220 hours in Eco mode). SPERAS M4 is powered by a 1100mAh 18350 battery, included in the sales package, has a simple interface and has memory on 3 main levels. To avoid energy consumption, or potential damage caused by unintentional ignition, it has an electronic lock function. It has IP68 certification (submersible 2 meters) with impact resistance of 1.5 meters.



SPERAS M4 is powered by a lithium battery in 18350 format, present in the sales package. The 6A 1100mAh battery is protected and rechargeable via the USB-C port on the M4. It takes about 2 hours and 10 minutes to complete the charge (0.9A).


On the head we find a PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) "TIR" optic that allows a uniform and long beam. The glass lens has an anti-reflective coating.


The not indifferent dimensions of the head (40.4mm) allow with this perspective to cover a long distance with a very present hot spot.


The writings located all on the head are essential.



Also on the head we also find cooling fins and the switch that allows us to manage the various levels and functions of the M4.
The rubber button, just in relief, has a hardly audible click and a status LED in the center that indicates the status of the battery and other functions.


When you turn on the flashlight, the indicator in the center of the side switch will indicate the remaining charge level for 5 seconds:
Green: 100% - 70%
Orange: 70% - 30%
Red: 30% - 10%
Flashing red: 10% - 1%

The battery in the SPERAS M4 is inserted by unscrewing the tube from the head and must be inserted with the positive upwards. On the central tube of the M4, of moderate thickness, we find a fine knurling that gives a nice look to the M4.
The threads of the torch body arrive well greased and have a water and dust seal O-ring. As contacts for the battery we find a plated button on the positive and a spring on the negative.


Battery charging:
SPERAS M4 has a USB-C charging port protected by a fairly thick rubber flap.

When the battery is charging, the indicator lights up as follows:
Green: Fully charged.
Red: Charging
Orange: Check that the battery is inserted securely or is not faulty.

Note: When the battery is charging, only the ECO level of the M4 can be used.


SPERAS M4 having a flat tail allows you to put the flashlight upright (candle). Do not miss the hole to insert the lanyard supplied with the flashlight.

Speras M4 near the EAGTAC TX25C2 and the EMISAR D1S VN.




The user interface of the SPERAS M4 is simple and common to other torches. M4 has 5 normal levels and 2 special levels. M4 has memory on the three main levels: Low, Medium and High. The five normal levels are well spaced for me allowing the M4 good battery management.

Turbo: 1320lm – 1h10min – 106400cd
High: 450lm – 1h15min – 37500cd
Medium: 220lm – 2h – 17000cd
Low: 60lm – 7h45min – 4250cd
Eco: 0.5lm – 220h – 75cd

Strobe: 1320lm – 106400cd
SOS: 220lm – 17000cd

Single Click:
Every single click to activate / deactivate the stored mode.
Long press:
When the light is off, long press for more than 0.5 seconds to activate ECO mode.
Change levels:
When the light is on, long press to switch from Low to Medium to High, loosen the switch to the selected brightness level.
Double click:
to activate the TURBO (torch off or on). One click to switch between TURBO and stored brightness level.
Triple click:
to activate the Strobe (torch off or on). Another triple click to activate SOS. One click to return to the previously stored level.
Lock / Unlock:
When the light is off, long press for over 2 seconds continuously to block the light after 2 flashes; when the light is locked, triple click to unlock.
Note: When the M4 is locked, by pressing the switch, the LED in the center of the button flashes orange to warn of the current status.

Beam and Tint of the SPERAS M4

Speras M4
is a Mini Pocket Thrower capable, despite its small size, of reaching a theoretical distance of 652 meters. The beam of the M4 has a large and bright hotspot with a color temperature of about 5500K (measured with the OPPLE Light Master). Not known PWM at any level.


The beam is well done, without strange aberrations but with a greenish color especially at low levels.
In the dark the coloring is appreciable.





The Runtime was done in a closed environment with an ambient temperature of about 24 ° C using the battery supplied with the flashlight, a fully charged 1100 mAh (6A) Speras 18350.
I would like to clarify that the values expressed by the graphs must be taken, above all, as a reference because they are made with means and environmental conditions different from those used in the laboratory.
The values in candles in Turbo mode, measured by me, are slightly lower than those declared by the manufacturer (the distance reached by the beam remains significant, considering the dimensions of the torch) while the working times, in the tests carried out, are similar to those indicated by the parent company.


The first test was done with the SPERAS M4 in "TURBO" mode at 1320 lumens.
After 1 minute from switching on the brightness drops suddenly, to about half of the initial one, passing to the High level of 450 lumens. We have another sudden drop after 7 minutes from the start. The curve then remains constant until minute 62 where the battery charge slowly begins to run out. To warn us to recharge or replace the battery, the status LED under the button flashes red.
Another test was done by putting the SPERAS M4 in "HIGH" mode at 450 lumens.
In High mode, 10 minutes after switching on, there is a sharp decrease in brightness which then remains constant until minute 63 where the battery charge slowly begins to run out.
The last test was done by putting the M4 in "MEDIUM" mode at 220 lumens.
In the Medium mode, there is a constant trend up to and beyond 117 minutes before the decrease in brightness.
In all brightness levels, SPERAS M4, when the battery charge is almost exhausted, switches for a few hours in "ECO" mode at 0.5 lumens.

The first 15 minutes:


We see the temperature taken with a thermal imager camera after about 25 minutes from switching On in High mode.


VIDEO Unboxing and Beam

impressed me well, both in general in terms of construction and levels, and tested in the dark in terms of power and quality of the beam. SPEARS M4 is really a small "Thrower" capable of illuminating at considerable distances with a wide and well usable spot. SPERAS M4 comes in a package complete with everything you need to use it right away. The user interface is simple and also includes the possibility of an electronic lock to avoid unpleasant accidental start-ups.
Thank you for reading the review.
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