Smallest LED DIE for tight angle beam, Recommendations please.



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Feb 18, 2008
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I want to upgrade my old Solarforce Masterpiece Pro-1 head. I've gotten a few newer LED throwers but despite their incredible LUX they have beams bigger than I was expecting. Even the current gen LEP lights don't have beams noticeably tighter than my decade old throwers. I could give up having 1,000+ lumen if it meant I could have a smaller beam. Yes I understand that I won't get more Lux than with the larger higher out put dies that exist. But I'm sure I can get more than this Solarforce Masterpiece Pro-1 head is currently making. It came with a XR-E LED, what exist today that has higher surface brightness and a smaller die size? My friend's Maglite XL200's LED looks much smaller and despite having the same output and a reflector that is tiny compared to the old Solarforce head nearly throws as far. Would the MC13 W1.1 be a good candidate? Without having a hand full of dies in front of me I have no idea what new dies would make sense for this.


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Mar 8, 2021
For high-power LEDs, the die sizes are typically either 1mm^2, 2mm^2, or 4mm^2 (there are some exotics with larger die sizes, and smaller die sizes don't tend to be considered "high power"). Beyond physical die size, the apparent source size is also affected by the dome over the die, or lack thereof. So for a tight beam, you typically want a 1mm^2 die without a dome. Options for that configuration are
Osram Pure 1010
Cree XQ-E HI
Cree XP-P
Lumileds Luxeon CZ

There's also some automotive parts (primarily from Lumileds) that are optimized for high source luminance, but may not be in a suitable package for your application.

Note that none of these options are going to be in the same footprint as the old Cree XR package, and all should give a tighter beam under the same size optic (as the XR-E is a domed 1mm^2 part). Also note that the focal height of the new LED is unlikely to be the same as for the XR-E, although that may not matter with the size of that reflector.