Streamlight Standard LITEBOX



I bought my Father a Litebox.

It has the flood wide beam with the 20 watt lamp. I also bought several additional 8 watt lamps.

This sucker is bright and out of sight. With the Flood lens, it is the ticket.

You can use the cradle or you can charge the Litebox directly. I have the AC and DC chargers.

The head on this thing, goes up, down and left or right. It will point in any direction.

Q. What is the procedure to change the lamp?

Do I start by unscrewing the lens cover? I can't even get that far. Help?


Newly Enlightened
Jun 2, 2001
Chesterfield MI
It doesn't unscrew. (at least mine doesn't) just pull the black ring forward and it will reveal the lamp assembly then from the back of the lamp you can unscrew the bulb assembly and replace the bulb. Unless you have a sealed lamp then you would just replace the whole lamp. I think there are about 6 different combinations of lamp assemblies available so it will depend on which one you have. I have had mine for about 6 years now use it only about twice a month haven't had to replace anything yet and it has not let me down. Got it for about 45 bucks still new in a box at a pawnshop.