Streamlight Ultra Stinger LF LED?


May 19, 2009
Aint been here in a while.. lol
Has anyone got the Lumens Factory LED upgrade for the Ultra Stinger? Curious to know how it does.

Mike 208

Nov 15, 2006
East San Gabriel Valley, CA
I just bought one of these Lumens Factory drop ins last week off Ebay for my Ultra Stinger (actually it's a converted Super Stinger that I bought new many years ago, but it's the same). I don't know if it's a current production drop in or an older one. I can't find the lumen output on the box, but I believe it was 800 lumens, per the seller. It has improved the output quite a bit and I pretty much like it, but I do have one issue with this drop in. The beam has more of a flood now, as I can't screw down the head down as far as needed to obtain a spot beam. It also has a dark "hole" at the center of the beam. When I put this in my Stinger XTHP (this drop in will work with any incandescent Stinger model with the HP head), I could focus the beam into a spot with no artifacts.

All-in-all, I would rate this LF drop in a winner.