Sub $100. tactical 1XCR123 lite. Help me decide...



Dangit... all you guys are gonna start costin' me money..:)

My wife bought me a killer 3500 LM HID light for Christmas, afterwhich I hooked up on this darned site... then I bought a Romisen 1XAA (can't remember the model), great light, but I'm gonna give it to my daughter. Then I picked up the threepack 3XAAA lights at Costco.. cool lights, but a I want a smaller light for EDC. That.. and I want more light than the 150 lms these two lights put out.

So... I've gone thru a bunch of the threads here...wrote down a bunch of models.. viewed them... and I think I've got it narrowed down.

I'm lookin for opinions on these two lights, and any others like them that you might recommend.

The two lights are;

Sunwayman M10R. 220 LM, Single CR123, tailcap clicker, and a clip that works both ways. (I really like this option)

Nitecore Extreme Tactical R2 Edition. Single CR123, tailcap cliker, one way clip (I believe)

I want a small, powerful (+-200 LM's), reliable light in a tactical style with a clip. Waterproofness is a nice addition, but not required.

The look I'm after, (and the light I'd really like to have) is the Army tek Predator;

But I just cannot justify that kind of cabbage.. the above lights are right at 70 bucks.

As a side note.. I have an AR-15 in my future, and it'd be nice to have a light that would/could mount to it..

Any opinions would be appreciated!