Surge 2000 Lumens was a loser for me


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Feb 25, 2023
Went to Tractor Supply to get a new LED high Lumen light and bought a Surge 2000 Lumen that came with a 1 year warranty. Got back in truck and took it out of packaging, took rear cap off and insulator papers came out. Turned light on and shined it at floor of pickup and it did not appear to be any brighter than my Luxpro 1100 Lumens. I rotated the front section and it would not adjust size of beam. I turned it until it stopped and light went out. I reversed the turnng and light never came back on. Supposedly it can be recharged and a cord came with it and requires removal of the rear cap to attach the charging cord.
I took it back inside, told the folks it only operated about 30 seconds. They offered my money back or exchange so I went back and got another Luxpro 1100 lumens with lifetime warranty. I have been carrying one of these for about a year on a 5 mile walks in the morning starting about 0600 and it has work continually.

Thought I would pass the word to beware of a Surge and to open it up and check it out thoroughly before you leave parking lot.


Aug 6, 2008
Was curious about the adjustable beam - not being familiar with the light. I checked it out at TSC's product website and read nothing to suggest you could adjust the beam by unscrewing the head. Says 3 modes - which are likely adjusted by double-clicking the tailcap. Sounds like maybe you accidentally broke something by unscrewing it? 🤷‍♂️

It seems like the failure was in some way provoked.

*Not a fan of any TSC lights but my friends seem to like theirs