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Sold/Expired Updated CPF Custom and Modified Policies

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May 26, 2002
Missouri, U.S.A.
The Buy/Sell/Trade Forums are provided by CPF for private sales by our members. If you are a dealer or a manufacturer, your sales threads do NOT belong here. See "definitions" below.

It is the responsibility of all members using this forum to know the Policies that apply, and to abide by them.


1. Ensure you post your thread in the appropriate sub-forum. If you realise you have posted a thread in the wrong place, do NOT re-post it – contact an Administrator or Moderator and ask to have it moved.

2. Do NOT post a duplicate thread in the CPF Market Place. If you have a custom/ modified light to sell, it may be posted either there or here, but NOT in both forums.

3. You MUST post a price for all items you put up for sale. Auctions, feelers and requests for offers are NOT permitted.

4. When posting a sale thread, pick a time when you know you are going to be available to attend to your thread and respond to questions and posts from other members. Do not post a sale thread and then disappear for 2 weeks.

5. Unless the items belong in separate forums, consolidate your threads. If you have 5 items to sell, do not start 5 different threads. Put them all in one thread.

6. State your terms of sale clearly. The clearer your terms are, the less likely it will be that problems will occur with your sale. Take the time to look at a few sale threads by experienced sellers, and see how they do it. You should specify:

  • Item description – make it accurate, and post a picture if possible
  • Price
  • What the buyer must post in order to close the deal: for example, the first "I'll take it"
  • Any trades or "parting out" of items you will consider – and how you will prioritise part sales
  • What form of payment you will accept (Paypal, money order, credit card, other - specify)
  • Where you are prepared to ship to – if you are not prepared to ship overseas, say so
  • Shipping method and carrier preferred, and any options the buyer may choose
  • Insurance, if required – specify who pays for this, buyer or seller
  • Tracking / delivery confirmation, if required – specify who pays for this, buyer or seller
  • Additional fees, if any – specify
  • Any other terms you wish to state. It is your thread, and you can set the terms.
7. Only one bump per 24 hours of thread inactivity is allowed.

8. Edit your thread title on completion of your sale to reflect its status as "sold". Then add a post to the end of your thread indicating that the sale is closed. Do NOT remove details of the item sold, or its selling price.


1. Do not post "I'll take it" unless you mean to honor the commitment.

2. Be prepared to send prompt payment as specified by the seller.

3. If you wish to negotiate with the seller, do so in private, by PM or email.

4. Trashing of sales threads is strictly forbidden. Do not post anything that might spoil or undermine a sale. Have respect for the seller. If the item is available for a lower price somewhere else and you wish to let the seller or someone else know, do it in private - by PM or email only.

5. Do not clutter someone else's sale thread with extraneous or off-topic posts. Do not post your own item for sale in someone else's thread – post your own thread.


The policies of this forum will be strictly enforced. Members who persistently violate these policies will have their threads deleted and/or be given a "time out". IOW, they will be banned until they figure out how to follow the policies.

These policies are subject to revision at any time. It is the responsibility of the members using this forum to keep current on any and all revisions. Do not complain to the moderators or administrators because you have failed to follow the policies.

Those using this or any other forum on CPFMP must comply at all times with CPFMP Rules.



Dealer: A member who uses a storefront or website to sell products manufactured by someone other than themself. If you have to pay taxes on the products you sell, you are a Dealer. Also see here.

Manufacturer: A member who sells products through a storefront or website that they themself manufacture. If you make the product, sell the product and have to pay taxes on the product you sell, you are a Manufacturer. Also see here.

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