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Sep 18, 2008
Almost all the stuff I link to cite's their sources. Often if you would like a source just ask and I can find it. Ulike the Anti vaping propaganda that is using outdated, flawed data. Often cherry picking a single word sentence out of a study to support their effort.

As long as the Mod's are ok with this I will share info here as it becomes available.

If you have things you would like to share that are contrary to what I post. I encourage you to do so. You should know I will do my best to fact check both what I post and others post.

I have been a vapor since 2009 and watch or read most everything (the good, bad, and ugly) that becomes available. I am not implying I am smarter than anyone or I know it all. Only that I listen to everything I can.
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Aug 9, 2015
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Good thread.

I started using a Fuma e-cig several years back. 2010? 11?
Blekth! But it dang near had me no longer smoking. That until the cartridges began to pop. My wife got painful blisters on her lip and my face stayed numb. Just got back into the idea.

My goodness, things have evolved. What once seemed like a fad is now a full blown industry. Like flashlights the pickings are plentiful and getting better every day.