Well I found it. (Lost torch). In this thread, we talk about search and rescue missions


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May 18, 2023
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This reminds me of a time back in like 2019 when I'd lost my precious Convoy M1. I'd gone to a department store carrying it, and only when I got back did I notice it missing. Much the same situation as etc's, I thought I had put it in a pocket of the (insecure pocket-wise) pants I was wearing, and it rolled from my leg straight to the ground when I opened the door. I drove back to the store, looked all around the parking lot, even went so far as to speak to staff and check their Lost & Found. Nothing. Did the same thing the next day. Still nothing.

I was gutted. That light was special for several reasons: it was a college graduation gift from my father, my first Convoy with Biscotti and as such the first Convoy I really liked (the old 3/5 driver, with its blink on low, was... blergh :barf:), and my only warm white light (3000K-ish). All that on top of being a really nice torch. Still, what happened, happened, so I got over it and moved on with my life.

A few months later I was getting ready to go out I don't remember where. All I remember was I'd swapped my glasses for sun ones. Went to put the glasses case on the holder above the driver seat and... bonk. It thudded into something solid inside the holder. Weird, I keep that empty exactly to avoid situations like this. What could be in there? I reached in there to find out. Cold, anodized metal. Diamond knurling. Cylinder shape. Cooling fins.

Man did I feel like hopping and dancing like a lottery winner :party:

As soon as I got the M1 out of its hiding spot, I remember what happened: I'd stowed it up there precisely because I didn't trust the pants' pockets to hold it in place. But I'd never done anything like that before or after, so I just forgot. Mental notebook failed me completely.
You're getting old, dude. Sounds like the onset of Oldtimer's disease! ;)

I have that kind of thing happen to me all the time.