Who is competent enough to mod my Vinz drop-in’s???


Newly Enlightened
May 2, 2007
I currently have 3 Vinz drop-ins and I'm looking to update them. Unfortunately I cannot seem to get in to contact with him. If Vinz is not around anymore, would it be possible to have someone update these to current LED's?

At work I currently carry 2 Oveready modded Surefire 6P hosts with Vinz drop-in's.
On my duty belt I carry more of a 'flood' pattern and in a cargo pocket I carry a 'thrower'
My department recently issued Pelican 7600's to everyone and they are making my current Vinz lights look a bit weak. So, I need to upgrade!

For those who may not know, here is what a Vinz drop-in looks like...a work of art
"Vinz drop-in pics":https://imgur.com/a/pBsvgjT