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Aloha eyeeatingfish,

There are some custom variations I can offer within the bounds of the titianium components and LED's I currently work with but beyond that, I don't do or offer custom lights or modifications. I haven't worked with aluminum components now for a few years. There are probably any number of options and alternatives available to you out there. One that comes immediately to mind is Gene Malkoff. Have you looked at his offerings? Have you posted a thread elsewhere on the forum with a punch list of desirable features and asked for suggestions?
I was not aware of this newer line that Malkoff is producing, thanks for the suggestion. I have my peak listed for sale so I can buy a different light, but if no one buys it I talked to the guys at pheonix electroform and they said they could try to design a reflector for it assuming the head dimensions would fit a proper one.
I did mention my desires in other threads but didn't really get any American solutions. Similar to the relative lack of a good American AA light. (No offense Peak!)

If you only do titanium now then I can respect that, I just can't justify that yet. I am guessing you don't do one in SS either huh?
Ill be back when I can justify one.