Coleman torch failed need good new one please advise me


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Mar 18, 2014
England UK
i had a coleman cpx 6 750 lumen cree led spotlight with red snap on lense , mines broken by 4dec23,( 3 main lights wont come on the smaller onces do still work ) recon I paid about £40-50 for it a few years ago , 2015 ish product runs off 4x d cell ,
750 lumens was fine for shining it down my garden to see wildlife at night

i also own a
jetbeam t6 i bought from alibabba / aliexpress a few years b4 dec 2023 think i paid over £100 for it and that was £50 cheaper than amazon by 27nov2019 , my video 4350 lumens 4x cree xp-l led , need 4x 18650 batteries, £9 per battery,,, this is a great torch i would buy another but they dont sell them any more, again i use to see wildlife thats within say 50metres of me / to light up area around my home to check for burglars etc , and maybe i will use torch on hikes in countryside etc

so i am after a torch as good as a jetbeam t6 or better and i dont really want to spend more than £120 that is approx $151.60 so what can you recommend me ? i am in the uk so i will have to but it from here but am willing to buy online and have it shipped to me if i cant find a uk retailer selling what you recoomend ? i want 700lumens + preferably 4350lumens + happy if it used d cell batteries or 18650 batteries