EDC replacement/NLD


Newly Enlightened
Sep 14, 2023
Based on an extensive amount of reading, and recommendations from this forum, I've made my first foray into the Malkoff world.

Went with an MD2 body, and a M61 HOT V2 head with the hi-low ring. Paired it with a cloud defensive pocket clip, which fits perfectly. This will be replacing my current edc light, which varies slightly between a modlite PLHV2 and a Fenix LD30.

First impressions are excellent. The fit and finish is immaculate, which I think most have come to expect from Malkoff. The MD2 is a tank, for sure. Definitely bigger than the LD30 but I'm a big enough guy that it rides comfortably in a pocket.

The hi-low ring is a must, in my opinion, I've found the low mode useful for locating items in the car and walking the dog at night. The high mode is impressive as well. I expected to be somewhat underwhelmed after buying and carrying higher output lights, but I was intrigued about the idea of a light with a regulated output, and realistic runtimes at that output.

Suffice to say I'm overall impressed with this light. I think it will serve my purpose well, and highly doubt it will be my last Malkoff purchase.

Thanks to everyone for answering my questions and messages regarding this over the last few weeks.