Finally gave in....

Roland of Gilead

Newly Enlightened
Sep 12, 2010
and bought both the Surefire M3 and M6. Now I don't know why I waited so long. Bought my first 6P in 1995. Been very happy with my E2e and G3 but these two are on a whole different level. I have been reading a LOT of old threads about these two. Right now all I am going to do is switch to rechargeables. I know Surefire and most of the companies are not coming out with any new Incandescents (even discontinuing them) but I couldn't help myself. Had to have them. As long as I stock up on bulbs from both Surefire and Lumens Factory, I will be good.


Flashlight Enthusiast
Mar 9, 2011
Excellent choices! A+++ Check with Fivemega for a battery holder, AW for batteries, Lumens factory for bulbs and you're all set. The M3s are light, small and powerful. The M6 will light up the whole forest. I added a clicky to each of my M3s. I prefer the twisty on the M6. Just my preferences. When you are ready, try an M4 with a triad tailcap (Oveready) or a SW01 fatty (hard to find). Your choice of LF bulbs & AW batteries. They are all nice lights.