Just scored a Zebralight H600d Mk IV....


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Nov 2, 2007
Just snagged a Zebralight H600d Mk IV from Amazon.com.

(had to order 2 18650 batteries from Zebralight.com)

Looking forward to getting my new headlight.

Trying to decide if it'll bump my Black Diamond Storm from EDC duty.

(The batteries I ordered are Sanyo NCR18650GA- 3500 MaH, with 10A capacity.)

http://zebralight.com/Sanyo-NCR18650GA-3500mAh-10A-18650-Li-ion-Flat-Top_p_176.html is the link for the batteries I ordered.

How close am I going to get to the runtimes that Zebralight claims?

Took a while for it to finally arrive, but it's here.Strapped on my new H600d,and promptly blinded myself with 1616 lumens full force in my bathroom mirror.


As it turns out..it is replacing my Black Diamond Storm.(I'm handing my 2018 350-lumen Storm off to my Mom.)
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Dec 18, 2018
Congrats on the purchase, great choice! And good choice of battery as well - I picked up two of those batteries to run my ZL lights as well. Not sure if this is against the rules but just a tip: if you're looking for Sanyo, Samsung Sony, Efest, Panasonic 18650 cells at a decent price, try 18650batterystore.com. They ship from Georgia and their prices are some of the best I found. I have no affiliation with them but just find they have a lot of choices and prices are great.

As for runtimes, there's always so many variables and I always take it with a grain of salt since they are usually based on ideal conditions.

I used to do runtime tests after taking batteries off a charger and letting them settle for 10 min, then put them in the light, place light in ice packs and let the light run till it went off. So, at least, I would know the max runtime for that particular light / battery. But, one rarely uses one light level on constantly. So, these days, I just make sure I carry at least 2 spare 18650's just in case.

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