Maglite LED replacement


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Feb 18, 2008
I just added some information. Letting you know due to this being on a new page.

Cool. Appreciate it. I've been looking at parts on a site called "LEDsupply" and daydreaming about what I might put together to mod a couple of old lights (Task Force 2C, and River Rock 2C). Problem is, my knowledge of electronics is VERY limited!! :)

Some basic automotive stuff is about all I've done.

To keep this from veering too far off-topic, I'll segue into mentioning for the OP's sake that customizers have done some pretty neat things with D-cell Mags for years and years, so that might be worth searching CPF for threads.

The LED site I mentioned even has a link to a CPF thread on this page!!

(scroll to the end to find it)



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May 18, 2023
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Hi ISM, thanks. Yes looks like that could be the way forward. I do like the upgrade option it's just that I reside outside the US so with freight and currency conversion it makes upgrade a bit tough vs a new light. Looking at the ML300L. Does anyone know what the focus is of the new Maglights? I really don't like their old plastic reflector that has the lamp move in and out as you rotate the head. The wide ring of light is good for nothing so hopefully the ML300L has a good balance of tight beam and flood. I will also YouTube ML300L and see if I can find a video
I think it has a decent balance. And of course, you can change the light by turning the head of the light. Good hot spot with enough spill to give you some perspective so it doesn't look like you are looking through a hole or down a tunnel. IMO, you want that for a general purpose flashlight.


Apr 11, 2011
Hi ISM. Yes spot plus spill for sure. So many lights out there but I have to admit buying made in USA is a good one. I plan to buy the ML300L in the next week or so.