More A2 Questions...

Steve C

Oct 23, 2002
I have really bought into the LED gig. Got an InReTech adapter that opened my eyes to this type of light, and an Opalec conversion and ARC AAA on the way.

I have read about the A2, which supposedly will the best of both worlds.

But is it really? I am interested in the ARC LS with a 2AA conversion, but if the A2 is worth waiting for, then...

My thinking is that the A2 will be used mainly in LED mode, but it would sure be nice to have the more powerful incan capability there in the same device.

And then there is the battery question- 123s vs AAs...

Your thoughts, please.



Flashlight Enthusiast
Dec 11, 2001
IL, near St. Louis MO
I would say only get the A2 if you are going to use it for the regulated main lamp output since it will likely cost $125+. The LED's are only going to be a little brighter than a good keychain LED light & you are going to be burning 123 lithiums for mainly LED use.

It's hard to give a good answer since the A2 is not out yet. Only time will tell.

Since I use rechargeables, I really like my Arc LS 2AA setup. It's nice not having to buy batteries so often!