NeoFab P60 module issue/question

Chicago X

May 6, 2010
I recently purchased one of NeoFabs TITANIUM INNOVATIONS D1000 LED DROP-IN MODULE FOR SUREFIRE P60 from (now out of stock) This is a brass XRE module with optics, similar to another vendors (whose name starts with the letter M and rhyming with ALKOFF.) :whistle:

The module was shipped quickly, as have been all of my orders from BJ. I put it into a Solarforce L2X extended, and was rewarded with a thrower sporting a multi-hour runtime.

Yesterday, I pulled the module from the L2X to put into another host, and was surprised to find the potting agent separated from the spring side of the drop-in.


  1. Can I repair this? If so, what sort of adhesive should be used?
  2. Is it safe to operate the module without the potting compound?
  3. Is there a premium (or more efficient) potting agent available than what appears to be some type of silicone?

Thanks in advance for your input. :thumbsup: