Question about Fenix L1D / LID CE Mode Sequence


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Jul 27, 2006
When operating a Fenix L1D (and I assume the L1D CE is the same) in general mode, does the light start at low, then cycle through medium, then high and finally SOS (then wrap around)? And in turbo mode does it start on what I would call maximum and then switch to strobe (and then switch between the two)? With the bezel fully tightened, does this select "turbo" and does not quite fully tightened selects "general', or is it vice-versa? I probably seem picky here, but I do hope it starts off on low first. The rest isn't as important to me but I still would like to know. Many thanks for any help.


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Mar 1, 2007
Lake Como, Italy
There are two modes, general and turbo, selected by tightening the head. In turbo mode (tight head) when you operate the clickie you get in sequence max - strobe - max - strobe .....
In general mode (loose head) you get low - med - high - SOS - low .....
So yes, when you switch it on with the head loose (just half a turn) you start with the lowest level. BTW this is L1D CE, I am not familiar with L1D but you can find a confirmation on their website