Some questions about the new Maxa Beam please!

Bush Rat

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Jul 15, 2020
Can someone please explain what is meant by the programmed latching Hi (constant high 85W output) ?

Does that mean the Maxabeam stays on high simply but switching the red ON button? Or do you have to press that 4way switch or something after hitting the on button?
Basically I wan't to just hit the switch and have it on high mode & stay on high mode.

Finally does anyone know if for an additional fee Peakbeam can actually overdrive the lamp for more throw & lumens even if it sacrifices the lamp life and give less runtime? Basically giving me the most output. I see my self using this about 10-20 hours a year at most.



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Nov 14, 2008
The programmed latching high just means that once the light is on you can move 4way stick right and it will stay on high, you can program these settings yourself with various button presses in different combinations.

So the usual way the light starts up when you press the red button is it goes on high for a couple of seconds then will drop down to normal mode, you would then move the 4way right to get high mode you can have momentary/timed/latched depending on how you program it, so with momentary when you hold the stick right its on when you release its off, timed just means you push stick right and it stays on high for a number of seconds which mine is as its a older light that does not have the latching, so with latching you tap it right and it stays on till you change it yourself.

You can change quite a few things with the light, for example i have mine setup without the strobe but low mode instead so a left press on the stick would usually mean strobe but i preferred the low, also after startup it goes onto low mode rather than normal, you can also program the beam width it starts up on so it could start up on whatever beam width you need, obviously you can also change the beam on the fly but it can be nice to start up in wide for example.
There is a operational manual with all this info on their site as i am sure they can explain it better than i can.

I am not sure about increased output but would have to ask them that, they are a really nice bunch of folks and we have them on here in the forum occasionally chatting and answering questions but probably best to call or email them for more information.

Hope you enjoy your Maxabeam i love mine and its great fun plus with 12mil candlepower you can pretty much put a spot of light on anything you can see with the naked eye and then you need binoculars to see how far it really goes :)