Thrunite rocks !!! Whats your favorite brand ?!?


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Oct 18, 2021
I would like to kindly remined everyone that thrunite rocks !

I look into other brands but there flash lights are so well made and versatile and sometimes amazon has great deals.
I just got the thrunite tn12 pro for $40. its an amazing thrower. I got it to replave the T2 in CW that I gave my dad. I have two T1 S CW, NW , Catapult mini

and nightcore HC 60 and kun h1 10 headlamp from amazon and another cheap headlamp for like 15$ with 500 lumens. I am happy with my collection. I try not to buy more than I will use.


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Jul 19, 2014
Mobjack Bay
My ThruNite TiS stainless steal keychain light is always carried on me. I had a lot of admiration for ThruNite for quite some time due to their constant current circuits. But recently a CPF member with a ThruNite (the model escapes me) had it a couple years and wore out the cell. The cell was proprietary, no other cell would work, and ThruNite would not replace the cell, claiming the light was unserviceable. That kind of shenanigans is a big turnoff, forcing a user into lock-in and effectively selling expensive disposable models. I realize that not all their models use proprietary cells and not all are glued shut, but any that are will be junk. Why manufacture and sell junk? Hopefully it was just a phase.


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Jan 28, 2012
European Union
I never owned a Thrunite but I have to admit they do come out with interesting designs.
They managed to place a hidden USB port on their Archer Mini, an 83-mm long light, while other major manufacturers still slap those cheap rubber covers over the USB ports of their 21700 flagship lights.


Dec 20, 2012
Northern New Jersey
I have a TN12. I guess it is the 2016 version, no charging port, and a max of just over 1000 lumens. It is definitely a nice light, and it can take a single 18650, or two cr123, up to a total of 9 volts.

Perhaps the only thing I don't like about Thrunite lights is that their moonlight mode is a mere 0.3 lumens. Yeah, that will give crazy long runtimes, something like 66 days, or 1500 hours. But to my eyes, it is an unuseable low level of light.

I have had a number of Thrunite lights they were all good.
I gifted my Ti to my son, and I swapped out a TN10 for a TN11S, I also have a TN30, a light I'll never give up, and the TN12 mentioned above. The only issue I had was with the TN11S which was unreliable with flat top batteries. Flawless though with button top ones. It took me a while to notice that it needed button tops. I thought the problem was in the switch.

I've not had problems with EagleTac, Fenix, Niteye, Manker, or Maglite, I think my favorite brand is Convoy. I choose Convoy due to their dependable low cost, reliability, and the fact that I can choose which emitter, and how strongly it is powered.

I must have about a dozen S2+ lights, they are in our cars, and scattered around the house.