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Wave of Makai


May 1, 2002

Hi guys,
This thread is an offering for the Ti Makai as detailed below.


This offering is for a Makai head that includes a 3S converter designed to run on 3-5V battery supply and drives the LED at ~660 mA

The Makai Head is $340 + postage

If you want to get a complete light you can go for a

Makai - 1x123 which would be $510 + postage


a Makai 2xAA which would be $550 + postage

These lights are available on first come first serve basis; as determined by e-mail orders I receive which are clear, concise and include the must have information:

In the subject line of the E-mail please state: Makai (+ McClickie pak if you want a complete light I.E. Makai -2xAA or Makai - 1x123)
Your CPF name
(if you have one)
Your real name and mailing address
phone number if international shipment
Any exceptions to standard shipping, which is priority mail.
If the shipment is domestic and you want insurance, please so state. (No insurance offered on international shipments)*

For my general info on how I process these offerings, please refer to THIS THREAD. For more information on the Haiku, please review THIS THREAD.

All of these lights sport some tool marks and various cosmetic singularities. Some may be obvious and some you may need to look closely for.

If you receive one of these lights and decide that it does not meet your expectation then you can either lower your expectations or simply send the light back for a full refund. I won't offer an exchange for probably obvious reasons. (please don't abuse this offer)

Like all of my Ti lights, the Makai is designed to be sealed from the environment and external pressure but I make no claim or suggestion that it is a dive or underwater light.

Thanks guys! :bow:

* shipping is via Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation or Global Priority mail. If you wish shipping via an alternative method, or signature confirmation or insurance on domestic shipments only, please specify in your e-mail order. If you want insurance, I will also add the expense and option of signature confirmation to your shipment.


Jun 25, 2010
I'll take Makai Head and also with Haiku xp-G

I will send email too. Please check !

And, please let me know the ball-park figure date of 2*123 Makai ..

Cheers !
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