Where did the led forum go?


Flashlight Enthusiast
Oct 27, 2007
Akron, Ohio
I have been reading cpf since 2008.

I have taken a beating in Budgetlightforum for defending cpf forum organization topics. Cpf had a special battery and led forum, which blf lacks. They would not create a dedicated led forum, so I refuse to read their forum because I don't want to wade through topics I am not interested in at that point of time.

If I was interested in either headlamps, homemade lights, flashlights, batteries, I could just visit that forum here at cpf.

Today, I just wanted to visit to see any new leds or battery technology. I see today only a dead battery forum that hasn't been contributed to for what appears to me as years, and the led forum is hidden from me and ctrl F,else it was wrapped into another forum.

I buy new lights only as more efficient technology comes out. I don't buy garbage, shelf queens, or lights that foolishy waste electron with a wow factor. The underlying technology matters to me, as does the specs of each component. So, the eyeballs need to keeping up with the latest leds out, the latest batteries, power supplies, and drivers. The rest is background noise. Although heatsinks and optics are a challenge, also to which to be paid attention.

If the forum was yanked or wrapped into pieces parts, I am extremely sad and will consider blf visits. If hidden, please unhide it.