Who am I?


Newly Enlightened
Jun 16, 2008
Well..I used to be a man that looked at lights in terms of..how bright is it and how long before I need to recharge it? In the Border Patrol, the last thing you want is your light to go T.ango U.niform while you are a mile from your truck, winding your way along the Colorado River looking for smugglers...Bad times there! Life was simpler then...MagCharger seemed pretty bright and had a car charger...streamlights were about the same. Few choices, fewer differences..I was happy, life was good.

Fast forward 10 years and now I get wrapped around the axle thinking about things like: lumens, beamshots, adjustable output levels, body knurling and anti-roll features..not to mention: battery types, carry options and textured vs smooth reflectors. It's chaotic now!!! What are you folks trying to do to me?

I'm kidding (mostly)! This is a great place to learn about this cool tool we all seem to gravitate towards and I look forward to reading all I can about flashlights/handheld torches/beacons/illumination devices (here we go..more options).

I've learned alot here and I want to thank all of you for opening my eyes to the unique choices available out there and making purchases with a much better perspective and much more information than I would have otherwise.

Keep posting..I'll keep reading!



Apr 16, 2009
California, USA
I know how you feel, bpman. This whole flashlight forum business is...serious business. A lot more serious than I thought.

Although there are always a few good laughs waiting for me every time I come by this place. ;)

And now I don't know who I am.