Who would like nothing more, than to knock their Boss out ?


Nov 26, 2005
Sydney, Australia
Hrmm well the last few years i have been working at an electronics retail store. between full time, part time and casual (i'm studying). A pretty big company in Australia... But yeah, i've had a boss that drove me pretty crazy...wouldn't knock them out as they were a she...but still...many of the workers weren't 100% about that lol. I used to do alot of weightlifting etc and she had a larger build than me but on a smaller frame hrmmm :huh: . We had such a high staff turnover rate it was ridiculous...i mean...i can't even remember half the names of the staff that were there, however briefly.

Anyways, i'm a pretty easy quiet person so eventually i actually sort of became friends with her wth lol...but up until that moment...i was punching cardboard boxes around work alot (and the walls for that matter). Eventually i transferred out of that store though.

Current location i'm at...the manager and assistant manager is awesome! Pretty good friends with the manager and the assistant manager. I think i like the assistant manager too (female) o.0


Dec 19, 2005
The boss, and co-workers can certainly make or break a job! I've had what would normally be considered pretty lousy jobs years ago when I was studying, but the people I worked for and with were great, so the jobs were good.

The worst boss/es I had were a committee of 10 mainly aged women. I was managing a domestic animal shelter for this not-for-profit organistaion with about 20 or so staff plus volunteers. EVERY one of those committe members wanted things done their own way, very few had a clue what was going on, the staff were totally at odds with the committees ways, everyone was highly charged due to the welfare issues, and I was the one in the middle of it all. Insanity!
I thought the college I was teaching at prior to that job had politics, this place was just in another league again!

Now, I see/talk to my boss maybe 2 or 3 times a year, and even then it's easy going. Heaven. If only it paid a bit better I wouldn't be looking to move on.

Make the move John, your boss isn't worth you getting uptight about.



May 6, 2003
Austin, TX

I am the boss.

The Regional Manager is great tho. Has very high expectations but gives the tools and freedom to live up to those expectations. If you're not up to the gig then you really need to look elsewhere (inside or outside of the company).

He did fly off the handle the other day and the more he talked the more worked up he got. I just sat at my desk and watched him melt down. He realized what he was doing and calmed himself down. The funny part was that his original issue was that there was a bunch of trash (looked like someone's newspaper got away from them in the wind) in front of the branch. It took a couple folks like 3 minutes to clean it up. Not exactly a major issue.

James S

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Aug 27, 2002
on an island surrounded by reality
oh man, I've had a couple like what you describe.

I actually went into my first corporate type job oh, 10 or 15 years ago thinking that I'd get recognized for good work and get help with the difficult stuff! LOL, I learned differently in a hurry.

Dont worry, be happy in the knowlege that this maroon has risen as high as he can in life and knows it and hates you cause you'll eventually do better and make more money and remember his sorry backside as the jerk that he was.

My only advice to you is to arrange for the new job BEFORE you quit the old job. For some reason it is universally acknowledged that it's easier to find a job while you're already employed elsewhere than if you start after you quit. I have also found this to be true in my own life.

Take 2 weeks of vacation/sick time whatever and go on a massive job search every day till you find something. New employers also like to hear that you can't start for 2 weeks because you have to give notice. That makes them think you're not being a jerk to your last job.

Good Luck, and come here to vent whenever you need to :D Getting fired is the least of the problems someone can get into for assault...