Advice for a paramedic needed.



Good evening.

Please bear with me, I am new to the world of (real) flashlights, so I need a little guidance. I have been reading these forums for a few days, looking to get some information as I would like to buy a couple of new lights. So far all I have got is confusion with the vast range of lights available and the technical terms used to describe them!

I am looking for advice as I want to buy perhaps two new flashlights, primarily for use at work (I am an Intensive Care Paramedic) I currently carry an Innova X1 (I think) that runs off two CR123 batteries. It is a nice little light, but I wouldnt mind getting something that is A) brighter (if possible) and B ) has adjustable output. The replacement would need to be the same size to fit in my EMS pants (14cm long and 2.4cm diameter - roughly the size of a 2AA size MagLight)

I am also looking for a replacement for my venerable 2D cell MagLight. I am quite taken with the Malkoff drop in units for this. However, as this normally lives in my carry bag and would be used when doing SAR and the like, I was wondering what else I could get that it roughly the same size as the 2D MagLight, but has ridiculous amounts of power :)

I'd like a long throw and a tight beam (I'm sorry if these aren't the right terms) for searching for things at night.

I'm not sure how much I want to spend yet (that has to go past the Minister for Finance first!) but I would guess up to US$150 (each) or thereabouts, possibly more for the right light. I also have no idea whether LED, HID or incandescent would be most appropriate. I'm leaning towards LED, but I really don't know.

If anyone could help me out with some suggestions I would be most grateful.

Thanks in advance,


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